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Who can donate blood?

The person must fulfill several criteria to be accepted as a blood donor. These criteria are set forth to ensure the safety of the donor as well as the quality of donated blood.

Donor Selection Criteria

  • Age above 18 years and below 60 years.
  • If previously donated, at least 4 months should be elapsed since the date of previous donation.
  • Hemoglobin level should be more than 12g/dL.
  • Free from any serious disease condition or pregnancy.
  • Should have a valid identity card or any other document to prove the identity.
  • Free from “Risk Behaviours”.

Risk Behaviours

  • Homosexuals.
  • Sex workers and their clients.
  • Drug addicts.
  • Engaging in sex with any of the above.
  • Having more than one sexual partner

Type of Donors

  • Voluntory non remunerated donors. (donate for the sake of others and do not expect any benefit. their blood is considered safe and healthy)
  • Replacement donors. (donate to replace the units used for their friends or family members)